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Text BooksEvery student has a desire to succeed. However, not every student arrives at success via the same path. I believe it is critical as an educator to look at each student as an individual that possesses a unique combination of skills, challenges and intellect.  I whole-heartedly subscribe to Howard Gardner’s philosophy of multiple intelligences. Some people are logical/mathematical, others are musical, and still others are intelligent in a more interpersonal way.

I also subscribe to the philosophy that not every student learns best by sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. Some students learn auditorily, while others learn visually and/or tactile/kinesthetically. It is my primary objective that each student be seen for their strengths as opposed to their weaknesses.  All too often, otherwise bright individuals are misunderstood due to poor academic achievement.

Keeping all that in mind, I use research-based teaching methods to work with each client to build a set of compensatory skills that will serve them best in school and in life. When faced with challenging academic tasks, each student should be able to draw from a tool belt outfitted with practical personalized skills. Additionally, I see collaboration with family, teachers, school personnel and other involved professionals as essential to every student’s success.

Building a sense of trust around a student’s “learning team” is pivotal, and constructing a beneficial learning environment is equally as important. The beauty of one-on-one sessions is that I can more effectively create an environment for my students that will inevitably foster a real sense of security, calm, and mutual respect. It is essential to provide an environment in which students feel safe enough to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. The result will often times garner a positive relationship with their learning environment that frequently translates to the school setting.


Lainie Donnell - Educational Therapist