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Lainie Donnell is the most helpful teacher I've ever had. She used her own time to help me with papers for other classes, helped me keep my backpack and binders organized, helped me prepare essays for college applications, and even brought my school work to my house when I was sick and in the hospital. Her positive and caring demeanor helped shape me to be the successful person that I am today. 
        - Andrew D., former high school student of Lainie’s

Lainie Donnell is an outstanding educator. Her compassion for her students, her thorough preparation of lessons, and her flexibility made her a valued member of my staff.
        –Nancy Rosenfelt, Director of Summit View Schools

Lainie Donnell has been such a HUGE help to my son!  In one year of [educational] therapy with her, he has gone from hating to write and it being his worst subject, to loving to write and scoring higher on writing than any other subject!  She is also one of the few educational therapists who knows how to work with teens and earn their respect. She has training in many of the programs objectively tested and PROVEN to help kids struggling with dyslexia, too.  She has helped my son immensely…
        –Sharyl R., LCSW, Mother of a high school student

In addition to having a wide range of knowledge in the area of learning disabilities, Lainie has a patient and intuitive style, which worked beautifully with our daughter. Lainie Donnell has a great deal of clarity, patience, and dedication that she brings in developing positive relationships with her students. She helped my daughter both academically and emotionally to address issues related to her learning differences. Lainie supported Zoe to be more confident and learn to advocate for herself. Lainie has a deep understanding of how children learn, and utilizes creative ways to meet them where they are. Lainie's talents and professionalism make her a valuable resource for parents and children."
        –Pam C., LCSW, Mother of a high school student

Before my son Cole started with Lainie he felt dumb and I was seeing him loose self- confidence.  One of the first things Lainie did was tell Cole, "her story", which immediately put him at ease.  After his first session, he walked out with a big smile and said, "I can't believe she was just like me in school!"  She is teaching him the study skills that he has been lacking, ones that work for him, in order for him to succeed in school.  In such a short time, I have seen a boost in his self-confidence, a change in his study skills, and improved grades.
        –Halli L., Mother of a 6th grader

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lainie Donnell, personally and professionally, for almost 10 years.  Her dedication to her work and her compassion for her students, combined with her knowledge in the field of learning disabilities, make her an extraordinary resource for parents, teachers, and children.
        –Elizabeth Lutsky, M.A., ET/P

Lainie Donnell is a top-notch special educator who helps her students build self-esteem and develop the academic and life skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. She brings a rich background of professional training and personal experience to her practice and stays up to date with current pedagogical research and innovative teaching methods.
       –Kathy Spielman, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, Westmark School



Lainie Donnell - Educational Therapist